CEO Challenge:

Students Collaborating at the CEO Challenge: Spark event

THE CEO CHALLENGE is an exciting and successful Junior Achievement High School program focused on developing entrepreneurial thinkers and building leadership skills. Students will set goals, manage time and resources in a real life learning “Shark Tank” like event. The CEO Challenge is an interactive learning experience designed to engage and inspire students who enjoy risk taking and want to be challenged in unique and fun ways. There are three parts to this event.

Spark (January 30th, 2024):

A one day Youth Entrepreneurial Summit LISD Tech Center Jan. 30, 2024

• Open to all high school students 10th—12th grade

• Through interactive activities, and networking with other students and local business mentors students are involved in entrepreneurial thinking and fun team building exercises

• At the end of Spark students can decide about Ignite.

Ignite (January 30th – March 15th, 2024):

Students form teams at their schools; each team self-selects a business concept

• Interactive learning modules give students needed skills to create/develop/ launch their business concept

• Team Coaches (teachers) guide their teams through the learning modules • Business Mentors (local business leaders) provide “real life” knowledge/


Held At Jackson Area Career Center – March 16th

• All teams give their “business pitch ” in front of the judging panel

• Judges scores determine elimination rounds. •

The top 5 teams compete one last time to determine the overall winner

• The winning team individuals earns scholarship $$, prizes and bragging rights.

• $1,000 , 500.00 and 250.00

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