Follow a Plan for Job Success

We help align…

Career Exploration

Ignite a young person’s excitement for a future career! Nurture their interest through the exploration of skills, resources and mentorships in different pathways and future growth.

Job Preparation

Local jobs continually evolve to have a greater impact on the global economy. Preparation for this change is an ongoing process, before being hired and through on-the-job training.

Training Offered

Finding the right job talent can be a challenge. Pro-active development of training programs and certifications in our community ensure our workforce applicants are qualified.

Align Lenawee Talent Consortium

Join in on this collaborative effort involving job seekers, parents, educators and businesses across Lenawee County to address the growing talent needs and ensure the ongoing success of our local economy.

Job Seekers

Are you searching through the job market? You may be wondering what jobs are available for the skills you have. Or you may need additional training to get a foot in the door…looking for the right resources to get back into the workforce?


Your children are the future of our economic success. If college isn’t part of their future, how do you give them the best training possible for the job market? Connect them to interests and skills that help them explore jobs and career pathways.


You have a balancing act between seasoned employees exiting the workforce, and new employees needing to train quickly to fit those positions. You need to get the word out fast about new positions opening and the benefits you offer your team.


Every student deserves a chance to succeed, and you’re tasked to help prepare them for the local workforce. Streamline the resources for career exploration, certification and job placement to engage students with opportunities to shine.