Align Task Force

The Align Center for Workforce Development (ACWD) task force is exploring new ideas, and developing and implementing innovative solutions to develop, sustain and advance the ACWD as a vital community resource.

How the Task Force Gets Involved

Create, discover, and develop ideas, needs assets, resource surveys, etc., along with best practices and innovations grounded in your experience-drive this process. Consider and address both center financial challenges and opportunities.

Respond, engage, participate and, at times, lead community efforts by sponsoring community education events, launching media campaigns, fund raising, implementing programs in the schools, etc.

Alert and inform us of issues affecting your talent and its management. Remind us of your pledge to capably serve you and our entire community. Serve them well.

Provide a forum for divergent views, ideas, and approaches for consideration. Offer participation avenues to those who can and wish to help develop talent in Lenawee County.

Draw on the perspectives, experience, expertise, and wisdom of a wide range of professions, industries, and community.

Inspire us to be energetic, synergistic, and learning community and talent driver in Lenawee.